Root zone water balance modeling of horticultural crops in bunded fields under rainfed conditions

Raneesh. K .Y.
A study was made to develop a simple conceptual daily root zone water balance model applicable to drylands enclosed by bunded fields having deep water table conditions. The soil moisture contents predicted from the model for different months were similar to that of the observed values both under control and treatmental plots while 45cm root zone depth was considered. The soil moisture contents were always higher in treatmental plots than in control plots both in observed and predicted values. The model predicted soil moisture relatively better during dry periods compared to moist periods prevailing after the receipt of the rainfall. This might be due to the moisture redistribution process in the soil after the receipt of the infiltrated rainwater, which was not considered in the model. The model predicted low values than the observed runoff in the treatment and control plots.
bunded fields; conceptual model; dryland agriculture; horticultural crops; root zone water balance.
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