The Assessment and Analysis of Traffic Noise Pollution in the City of Amman

Khaled S. AlQdah
This investigation analysed the traffic noise pollution in the city of Amman in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan. Twenty-two major locations, which are important streets and intersections in Amman connecting Amman with the south, the north and the airport of Jordan, were monitored. Monitoring of these selected locations has been conducted for three months. An equivalent A-weighted sound pressure level (LAeq) index was used, and the effect of workday and weekend traffic was conducted. The recorded results indicate that traffic noise levels are exceeding the accepted limits, which is 60 dBA for the day-time, at most of the locations. The reported results of the investigation showed that the minimum and the maximum noise levels are 51 dBA and 75.7 dBA during daytime. The Sweileh roundabout and the Alsena’ah traffic lights were found to be subjected to maximum noise levels of 75.7 and 72.63 dBA, respectively, because these sites are subjected to heavy traffic from the south. This study confirms the urgent need to establish a centre in Jordan for noise pollution monitoring and to develop local traffic noise standards. It is noted that people who live near the most polluted places suffer from some behavioural disorders and poor work performance.
Noise Pollution; Traffic; Environment; Assessment; Survey
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