Cloud Computing with Intelligent Agents to Support Service Oriented System Control and Management

Wei Huang; Imtiaz Sandia
Over the past few years, Cloud computing has becoming one of the revolutionary technologies in ICT which grows in both popularity and importance, both in industry and in academic domain. More and more private companies, government organizations and institutions are convinced and happy to promote Cloud to improve both connectivity and instant social ability. For IT services and solutions for business, Cloud-based platform promises to offer better business intelligence and productive experience by using unified communications, consistent collaborated data and service management. It is well believed that Cloud Computing will also bring a revolution in the healthcare IT sector along with other ICT business. To exploit Cloud computing productivity potential, this paper focuses on adopting Cloud computing technologies with agent-based solutions to support service oriented system control and management. The on-going research and practice demonstrates an application to the management of community care provision, which shows transforming to Software-as-a-Service (Saas) with the combination of a private healthcare cloud and integrated agents can improve business efficiency by providing flexible services scheduling, smarter health care services control and management.
Cloud Computing Theories; Service-Oriented Systems; Intelligent Collaborative Agents Based Solutions; Agent System Architecture; Cloud Based Service Engineering and Provisioning
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