Improvement of Drainage System in Cuttack-Bhubaneswar Twin City, Odisha

Dr. T K Lohani; T C Samant; R.S. Patnaik; K.P. Dash
The type of diversity of drainage problems requires a clear understanding of the purpose for designing a drainage scheme. Various factors confronted and some may be opposite to each other as regards to their merits are concerned. It is difficult to accommodate all factors in final design. The combination of various factors depending upon their suitability of a particular drainage area gives the design to its final shape. The benefit cost factor is a major criterion since a perfect technical solution will cost very high. The main aim of this study is to devise an effective drainage system of least cost. Before designing it is necessary to decide the rate at which excess water should be removed from the agricultural field. If the rate is too low, crops may sustain injury due to submergence and if too high, the cost of drainage scheme will go up. Therefore, evaluation of design run-off is most important in any drainage scheme. In this regard Mahanadi-Chitrotpala-Luna DOAB has been studied to assess the effective run-off. Its basic aim is to indicate how to obtain the highest benefits from the given resources. Economic evaluation of this project calls for a comparison of benefits and costs. In the field, it is very difficult to get a stable section of a drain which can carry a design discharge. It is observed that, the drain of bigger size tends to deteriorate fast as they do not carry design discharge in the study area. On the other hand, the drains of the smaller size, than the design section remain in better condition and can carry occasionally higher discharge. As per Mc. Maths formula the discharge for smaller catchments is restricted to 6 km2 and the design discharge is 40 % of 15 km2 whereas for larger catchments, Cypress-Creek formula with coefficient (C) 55 gives the result more realistic and is recommended for acceptance in the study area. This absolutely clears the benefit of doubt regarding cost factor and other technical implications.
DOAB; Drainage; Mc. Maths Formula; Cypress-Creek Formula; Water Logging
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