Energy Economical and Environmental Analysis of Industrial Boilers using Economizers

A.S. Silitonga; S. Mekhilef; R. Saidur; A. E. Atabani
It is believed that energy issue is one of the most sensitive and complicated issues in the globe. Industrial energy consumption varies from 30% to 70% of total energy used in some selected countries and the global average stands at 37%. As a result of the successful implementation of the industrialization plan in 1985; Malaysia has changed from an agricultural economy into industrial based economy. The industrial sector represents the highest consuming sector and accounts for about 48% of all total energy demand. The improvement of energy efficiency is a very important factor in industry to improve the environmental performance, emissions reduction and increase its profitability. This study is concerned with an energy saving, economic and environmental analysis of industrial boilers in Malaysia. The principle of installation of heat recovery systems in these boilers has been investigated. The implementation of economizer has proven its viability and shows that 2,529,779 kWh of energy, RM 238,573, 2,150 ton of CO2, 6,324 kg of SO2, 41,488 kg of NOx and 506 kg of CO could be saved per annum.
Industrial Boilers; Economizers; Techno-Economic Analysis; Emissions Reduction
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