What Is the Actual Conductor Temperature on Power Lines?

Salima Balghouzal; Jean-Louis Lilien; Mustapha El Adnani
Power lines are thermally designed for decades using standards and sometimes advanced simulation tools. They are using conductor temperature as a key factor for clearance determination. But what is conductor temperature when we all know about temperature changes along the line, even inside one span, circumferential temperature gradient and radial gradient inside the conductor, especially with new type of high temperature conductor, none of existing methods are able to give a fully clear picture of temperature action on the multi-span line along its everyday behaviour. Actually sensors are coming on the market of dynamic line rating, using temperature sensors. These sensors themselves are introducing significant local effects. What is actual link between ampacity and a measurable conductor temperature (which one to consider?). This paper will focus on temperature recording owing to smart sensor which is giving access to behaviour of power line span. Laboratory testing heating up HTLS (high temperature low sag) conductor up to 200°C with a smart sensor installed on the conductor is detailed.
Conductor Temperature; Conductor Thermal Behavior; Smart Grids; Sensors; Transmission Lines
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