Effect of Laser Polarization on Cutting Properties in Assist Gas Free Laser Cutting

Hitoshi Ozaki; Takahito Mima; Hiroshi Kawakami; Jippei Suzuki
The new cutting process, Assist Gas Free laser cutting (AGF laser cutting), was developed and the cutting properties were investigated in our laboratory. In a previous study of AGF laser cutting by using circular polarized CO2 laser, basic properties have been investigated. On the other hand, when cutting of metallic materials with a linear polarized laser is performed, it is known that the cutting kerf might slant and critical cutting speed can be accelerated. These phenomena have been also observed in AGF laser cutting. However, more detailed research about the properties by using a linear polarized laser in AGF laser cutting is needed. In the present study, the effect of laser polarization on cutting properties in AGF laser cutting by using linear polarized laser was investigated. The cutting speed and direction were varied in order to study the influence of these parameters on the critical cutting speed and kerf shapes such as slant angle, width, and removed area of kerf. The study showed that when the cutting direction and the polarized direction were parallel, the kerf slant was depressed. In addition, the critical cutting speed could be the fastest in any other cutting direction.
Assist Gas Free; Laser Cutting; Linear Polarization; Stainless Steel
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