A Numerical Study on Thermal Performance of Biomass and Its Impact Due to Moisture for Direct Combustion Based Electricity Generation

Shuichi TORII; Ranipet Hafeez BASHA
Moisture content of fuel in a thermal power plant plays a significant role in determining its efficiency, as the performance increases with decrease in moisture. In recent years techniques for drying the biomass based fuel have become predominant in order to make it a sustainable source of renewable energy. In this paper the parameter of moisture is developed and tested in the user interface based computer model and database management system. This program shall compute the thermal output of biomass composition as heat of combustion on conditions of 30%, 20% and 10% moisture content in the samples. It is observed that there is substantial change in the heat of combustion with change in the content of moisture which is presented in this work. Also there is no combustion if the moisture content in the sample exceeds 30% resulting in shut down of the boiler. The results are more compatible with practical possibilities and will be useful in configuring the computer model to process and produce more accurate outcomes to achieve the optimum composition with high efficiency, greater calorie and low cost of power generation. The outcome shall be verified by using commercial simulation software and later by physical experiment which would enable in fixing the errors of the computer model developed by ourselves in the laboratory.
Biomass; Combustion; Moisture; Database System; Numerical Simulation
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