A Probe into the Kinetics of the Interaction of Pr(III) Ions with Some Selected Amino Acids: A 4f-4f Transition Spectral Study

M. Indira Devi; N. Bendangsenla; T. Moaienla
The absorption spectra in transition metal ions involving d-d transitions have been used for following the kinetics of the chemical reaction leading to the development of the mechanism of chemical and biochemical reactions. The 4f-4f transition spectral intensity changes have very rarely been used for mechanistic and kinetic investigations. Thus, it has been considered quite interesting to explore the interaction of Pr3+with biomolecules in presence of Ca2+ by employing absorption spectral research owing to the ease of Ln3+ ions to act as surrogates for Ca2+ ions. The kinetics for the complexation of Pr(III): Amino acid with Ca(II) have been investigated in DMF medium at different temperatures viz., 298K, 303K, 308K, 313K and 318K. Three amino acids viz., Glycine, L-Alanine and L-Phenylalanine were selected for the kinetic study of the complexation reactions of Ln(III) ion and amino acid ligands in the presence of Ca(II) ion. From the values of the rate of reaction at different temperatures, the activation energy (Ea) of the various complexes are determined and from the calculated data of activation energies, thermodynamic parameters like ∆H0, ∆S0 and ∆G0 of the formation of complexes are evaluated. The determined activation energy parameters corresponding to the rate constants and thermodynamic parameters corresponding to the formation of the complexes of Pr(III): Amino acid: Ca(II) were found to be highly favourable.
4f-4f Transition; Absorption Spectral Studies; Kinetics; Activation Energy; Thermodynamic Parameters
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