Investigating the Effect of Oxyhydrogen on the Performance of a Compression Ignition Engine

Ahmed M. Rashad
Evaluating the performance enhancement of a diesel engine through the addition of Oxy-hydrogen (HHO) gas generated through water electrolysis has been investigated by several researchers. The outcomes were claimed to be very promising. It is thought however that the results need more investigation. This study is carried out to evaluate the influence of adding HHO gas into the inlet air on the performance of a direct injection diesel engine. The experimental work is carried out under constant speed with varying load and amount of introduced HHO generated through water electrolysis. In this work the results contrary to many publication showed that, the thermal efficiency increases only at low loads and the brake specific fuel consumption consequently decreases at low loads too (up to 23% of maximum load). Using oxyhydrogen; the maximum engine power decreases with increasing electrolyte concentration. The maximum reduction in maximum power was (3.8 % to 7.6). An explanation for the results was attempted.
Oxyhydrogen; Thermal Efficiency; Fuel Consumption
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