Effect of Fuel Inject Angle on the Thermal Behavior of a 2D Axisymmetric Non-Premixed Methane–Air Flame in Vertical Cylinder Filled by Porous Media

M.Y. Abdollahzadeh Jamalabadi; Moein Rajabzadeh; P. Hooshmand
The present manuscript is dedicated to the study of non-premixed combustion within a vertical cylinder filled by inert porous media using a turbulence model. A study of the effect of inlet gas angle on methane/air combustion is performed. Governing equations of Navier-Stokes, energy and the chemical species transport equations in a porous media with local thermal non-equilibrium assumption between the solid and fluid are solved. Distinct energy equations are considered for the porous burner and the fuel in it. Inlet velocity and excess air-to-fuel ratio are varied in order to analyze their effects on temperature, turbulent kinetic energy distribution and flame front location. The temperature field and species concentrations are presented in the premixed methane - air combustion. The results show that an increase in angle of inlet gas enhances the mixing rate, the peak temperature, and water and carbon dioxide volume fraction inside the middle region of the chamber. The locations of the maximum temperature and product concentration shift closer to the combustor inlet with an increase in inlet angle. Furthermore, the temperature in porous burners is lower than free flame burners, and lower NOx and CO pollutant are achieved.
Methane/Air Flame; Turbulent Model; Numerical Simulations; Non-Premixed; Porous Media
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