Hybrid Simulation of Waterwall and Combustion Process for a 600 MW Supercritical Once-through Boiler

Chen Yang; Hangxing He; Li Zhao
This paper describes a hybrid simulation work on waterwall system and combustion process of a 600 MW supercritical boiler with W-flame furnace. A nonlinear distributed mathematical model which can be applied to the real time dynamic simulation was performed for analysing the dynamic characteristics of the waterwall system under typical working condition in this paper. The purpose of the numerical calculations was to determine the distributions of the fluid temperature and other corresponding thermal physical parameters. Coupled with the obtained fluid temperature as the boundary condition, the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation of the combustion characteristics for the 600 MW supercritical boiler with W-flame furnace was conducted. Conventional methods usually separated the CFD simulations from process simulations; our work achieved the coupling between these two kinds of simulation. Through the hybrid simulation of these two models, more accurate distribution characteristics and combustion characteristics were obtained. The results reflect good agreements with the in-situ operating status of the supercritical boiler, which are valuable in practical engineering. And this work will be helpful for further design and research of the dynamic characteristics of the supercritical once-through boiler.
Supercritical Once-through Boiler; Distributed Parameter Model; W-flame Furnace; Hybrid Simulation
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