Study of Different Parameters Which Influence on the Combined Process of Asymmetric Rolling and Plastic Bending of Large Bodies of Rotation

Pesin Alexander; Pustovoitov Denis; Pesin Ilya
The main goal of the investigation is to determine key technological parameters, necessary for producing required curvature of sheets up to 4000 mm in width with the required mechanical properties. Investigation into dynamics of the process' main technological parameters allowed to define its three characteristic stages: asymmetric rolling, asymmetric rolling in combination with initial unsettled plastic bending, and asymmetric rolling combined with settled plastic bending. It was found out that the intensity of the deformations changes unevenly, depending on the height of the deformation zone, on all three stages, with its highest value being in the lower part of the sheet, and with the lowest value being in its center. In the second stage, the intensity of the deformation abruptly increases, and a significant asymmetry on the sheet thickness occurs. In the third stage, the non-uniformity of the intensity deformations fields decreases. Similar results can be also observed for stress intensities. Casings on two converters were produced and installed in the oxygen-converter plant. Economic effect from the installation of the developed technology was more than 1 million dollars.
Asymmetric Rolling; Plastic Bending; Large-size Bodies of Rotations; Curvature; Mathematical Modeling
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