Exergoeconomic Analysis of a Power Plant in Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Ahmed Nabil Al Ansi; Mubarak Salem Ballaith; Hassan Ali Al Kaabi; Zin Eddine Dadach
Following a previous exergy analysis of a power plant in Abu Dhabi (UAE), a detailed exergoeconomic analysis of the plant based on Specific Exergy Costing (SPECO) method is presented in this investigation. The objective of this applied research is to compare the values of the different exergoeconomic variables of the Open Cycle Gas Turbine (OCGT) calculated during summer atmospheric conditions to the values obtained from the simulation of the plant using design conditions. The results show that summer conditions have increased the total exergy destruction of the power plant and its cost rate respectively by 1.95% and 10%. The negative effects of summer atmospheric conditions on the cost of exergy destruction in the combustion chamber and the compressor are compensated by their positive effects on the turbine. In order to minimize the effects of the summer atmospheric conditions on the performance of the power plant, it is recommended to add a cooling system before the compression of air and a process control system based on the analysis of carbon monoxide, and oxygen of the exhaust gas leaving the combustion chamber.
Open Cycle Gas Turbine; Exergoeconomic Analysis; Cost of Exergy Destruction; Specific Exergy Costing (SPECO) Method
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