Chronographic Allocation Techniques for Construction Projects

Adel Francis
The literature is abundant in terms of research on resource management and optimization methods. Many deterministic, probabilistic and heuristic methods propose how to use resources efficiently. However, this paper discusses allocation techniques, i.e. how to technically allocate resources to activities rather than how to use resources efficiently. Though this subject is thoroughly covered by commercial scheduling software, it is generally absent from the literature. This paper compares the proposed Chronographic Modeling with the methods employed by commercial scheduling software. The new allocation methodology defines three attribute methods: complete attribute, attribute by segment and attribute by scale. Proposing internal divisions, as well as internal, external, vertical and horizontal scales, allows planners to create all kinds of attributes, from bulk allocation to any type of external and internal scale attribute. The links between scales could also show interactions between different measurement units and offer several types of durations, quantities and costs for increased flexibility and resolution of the limitations of existing methods. This paper adds to the body of knowledge by introducing a complete and realistic allocation methodology for construction project scheduling.
Chronographic; Precedence, Modeling; Attribute; Resource Scheduling; Resource Assignment; Scheduling Software; Microsoft Project; Primavera; Tilos; Construction Management; Project Planning
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