Design and Evaluation Criteria for Stations of Magnetically Levitated Trains

Hamid Yaghoubi; Mahmoud Reza Keymanesh
Application of magnetically levitated trains (maglev) has attracted numerous transportation industries throughout the world. Maglev stations are centers for planning, traffic attraction, and preparing the fleet. They definitely play a key role in any maglev system. The annual increase in passenger numbers and increasing willingness to use maglev systems indicates the necessity of professional designs for stations. Despite this necessity, no well-accepted report has been presented for the design and evaluation criteria of maglev stations yet. Therefore, a systematic approach is required for this methodology. For this purpose, the research provides a comprehensive overview of the design and evaluation criteria for maglev stations, including structures, equipment, and facilities. Moreover, primary activities at maglev stations are investigated and evaluated. In addition, this paper has tried to adopt a proposed algorithm considering the needs and volume of passengers. These studies facilitate planning and development of maglev stations. Based on this approach, passengers will face stations with appropriate area, the acceptable service and welfare space. This will answer the growth of passenger traffic in maglev systems and attract more passengers.
Magnetic Levitation; Magnetically Levitated Trains; Maglev; Guideway; Station; Design Criteria; Maintenance; Land Use
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