One Holistic Vision of the Future Energy Systems The Future Energy System as a Tissue of Intelligent Energy Systems

C?p??in? Octavian
The aging energy infrastructure, politically controlled fossil resources, the rise of renewable technologies, the geographical distribution feature of renewable energy, climate change exigencies, the increase in domestic electricity consumption have forced the power industry to examine the status and health of the electrical systems. The advancements in real-time processing and computing power made searching for new approach regarding energy systems possible. Solutions are on their way: Smart grid, as a joined space of energy and information, Enernet and Bob Metcalfe’s proposal for an analogy with internet. In our turn, we proposed another view to the energy systems and, at the same time, a holistic vision and an analogy with the autonomous functioning of the biological cells. In our view, the energy systems must be thought of firstly as part of the nature; secondly the system must be conceived as a whole that includes consumers, generators, storage facilities, metering infrastructures, grids and rules; thirdly, to get safety and efficiency it must be modular/cellular and able to do its best as well as part of an ensemble as well as stand alone. To achieve this final require we have made an analogy with the biological cell.
Energy Systems; Intelligent Systems; Cell Structure; DNA
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