Standard Scenarios, Critical View

Bla? Pipan; Mihael J. Toman
The considerable data processing power available to everyday user has stimulated investigations into how mathematical modelling of predicted PPP concentrations can be used in environment protection. A small region in the north-eastern part of Slovenia was selected as a test site. According to used crops in that region, two PPPs were selected (Verita for vine and Poncho for corn). The selection of crops also influenced the selection of two representative locations (Tešanovci and Jeruzalem). Two important questions arose while running the simulations. The first one is not connected with the selection of above locations and PPPs. There is very little probability that all FOCUS scenarios belong to the same statistical population. The second question deals with a problem that is more tightly connected with environment protection. The method of calculation accepted in the FOCUS document has a serious drawback - 80% values of predicted concentrations. Daily concentrations in leachate are an order of magnitude higher! In locations of shallow and poor groundwater margin the permissible concentrations of active substances will be exceeded!
Environment Protection; Matematical Modelling; Model PELMO; Plant Protection Products; Standard Scenarios
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