Assessment on the Biodiversity, Water and Sediment Qualities of Remediated Estuaries in Hong Kong

Jin Shu Zheng; Xiao Ling Peng; Kwok Keung Ma; Ho Man Leung; Kwai Chung Cheung
Biodiversity, water, and sediment qualities from the remediated estuary of the Shing Mun and the Lam Tsuen rivers were assessed to identify any ecological improvement. Sediments and water were contaminated with Hg. Similar levels of sediment metals and PAHs were found in two rivers (As: 2.33-8.12 mg/kg; Cd: 0.47-3.13 mg/kg; Cu: 1.9-62.3 mg/kg; Hg: 0.52-1.53 mg/kg; Pb: 17.7-64.1 mg/kg; Zn: 4.57-296 mg/kg; lower molecular weight PAHs: 1.02-6844 μg/kg; and high molecular weight PAHs: 2.18-3599 μg/kg). The significant bioaccumulation of Hg and PAHs was found in the muscle of tilapia. A total of 558 individuals representing 22 fish species were collected in two rivers. A total of 46 species of benthic macrofauna were recorded. Cluster analysis based on the abundance of fish at 50% similarity level defined two main groups of sampling sites. Most sites appeared to have low levels of similarity in the benthic compositions.
Metals; PAH; Biodiversity; Remediated Estuaries; Shing Mun River; Benthic Organisms
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