Removal of Nickel (II) Ions from Aqueous Solution Using Thermal Power Plant Fly Ash as a Low Cost Adsorbent

Ishwerdas L. Muthreja; Chandrashekhar P. Pandhurnekar; Mahendra S. Kadu; Ajay K. Agarwal
The objective of this study was to investigate removal characteristics of Nickel (Ni+2) ions from aqueous solution using exhausted thermal power plant coal fly ash. The effects of various experimental conditions such as amount of adsorbent, contact time both in mixing condition and steady state condition; and initial metal concentration on the efficiency of Ni+2 ions removal from the aqueous solution were studied at room temperature. In this study, it was found that fly ash effectively adsorb Ni+2 ions from aqueous solution. When lime used as an admixture along with the fly ash, the removal tendency of Ni+2 ions from the solution was found to be increased. In the batch kinetics study, it was observed that adsorption process is pseudo-second order reaction. From the adsorption isotherm study, it reveals that the equilibrium adsorption data fit well in to the Freundlich adsorption isotherms model than Langmuir adsorption isotherms. The test results indicated that fly ash could be used as a cheap adsorbent for effective removal of Ni+2 ions in aqueous solutions.
Removal of Ni+2 Ions Using Fly Ash; Low Cost Adsorbent; Admixture; Adsorption Isotherm; Reaction Kinetics
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