SIDIF: Spatial Information Visualization Tools as a Determinant of the Effectiveness of Artificial Reefs Development Project Using SIDIM Model

Mustafa Man; Mohammad Zaidi Zakaria; Mohd Shafry Mohd Rahim; Wan Aezwani Wan Abu Bakar
Majority of the marine species relies or depends on artificial reefs as source of food. Evaluation of effectiveness and efficiency of artificial reefs (AR) is quite difficult, troublesome and costly. Evaluation of AR involves special diving task force in order to observe how AR has developed. The issue is whether the monitoring process is useful and effective? What method will be used and which agency is responsible for the monitoring? What information best measures the effectiveness of AR? In this study a prototype software application called SIDIF is used. The aim is to integrate location coordinate data of AR with the fish catches data at all identified jetties. The profile of the fishermen involved was also established. The data of fish catches will be mapped with data on location coordinate of AR as a whole via mapping and integration of three different databases combining with the fishermen boat profile database. Using this methodology, the effectiveness and efficiency of AR will be achieved. The evaluation will be measured without any diving or scuba activities.
Artificial Reefs; SIDIF; SIDIM; Database Integration; Formal Specification; CLARANS
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