Evaluation of Environmental and Social Parameters of a Gold-Mining Project at the Prefeasibility Stage: A Case Study

Komninos Angelakoglou; George Gaidajis; Vassilios Kazakidis
The aim of the specific study is to present/evaluate the environmental and social parameters of a gold mining project in its pre-feasibility and permitting stages. The parameters are analysed and evaluated for a pioneered gold-mining project in North-Eastern Greece. Results benchmark the key environmental and social parameters for the next phase of a feasibility study. Although the economic and environmental challenges of the project can be mitigated with the existing framework, the triple bottom line of sustainable mineral resource development requires the amendment of the country’s mining act. Such an amendment will take into account the needs of the people in the region to have an effective engagement in the exploitation of mineral resources in the region, based on a negotiated tri-partite mutual agreement of impacts and benefits to company, country and region. The analysis provided in this work is expected to be useful for decision makers, managers and environmentalists related to gold-mining.
Gold-mining; Environmental Performance; Social Assessment; Sustainable Mining; Permitting
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