Quality Evaluation of Construction Activities

Kalle Kahkonen; Marco A. Bragadin
The measurement of the performance of a construction project is a fundamental task of Construction Management. This is usually based on professional observations or use of metrics such as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), that are intended to represent the health of the construction project and can be used to predict the future project performance. This paper presents a research effort on the way forward to implement quality related metrics for construction project control. The Quality Breakdown Structure is adopted as basic tool to consider the various elements of construction quality like product quality and process quality, to put them into relationship and to evaluate their relative weight in the construction project and its sub-processes. The proposed quality related performance indicators can be loaded to the construction project scheduling model, with the goal of showing to Project Manager and to Stakeholders the achieved versus planned quality in the project status. This could improve construction project control process, with the aim of the timely implementation of corrective actions to achieve project success.
Construction; Project Control; Quality; Project Managemen; Construction Performance
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