Water Quality Index in Municipal Distribution System for Solapur city, Maharashtra State, India

Vinayak K. Patki; S. Shrihari; B Manu
A study was conducted to assess water quality in the various zones of municipal distribution system for Solapur city (India) using water quality index technique. The variation in the water quality parameters was found to be pH (6.25-9.25), Total Alkalinity (88-408),Hardness (144-432),DO (1.48-9.8),Total solids (304.3-1011) and MPN (0-21).The WQI in various zones of distribution system for Solapur city varies temporally and spatially. The variation in WQI was found to be from 25.4 to 98. Such large variation in WQI was due to more variation in DO, TS and MPN. The TS and MPN exceeds the ICMR tolerance limits in many zones. It was observed that main cause of deterioration in water quality is due to regrowth of microorganisms in the distribution system and overhead tanks, non replacement of old pipes, corrosion of pipe material and reduction in the water treatment efficiency at water works against the population growth. The study reveals that out of twenty nine zones in the study area, for zones two, four, twenty three and twenty nine water quality was found to be critical and pose a serious threat to public health.
Water Quality Index; Municipal Distribution System; Twenty Nine Zones
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