V94.2 Gas Turbine Thermodynamic Modeling for Estimation of Power Gained by Fog System in Iran Power Plants

Mohammad Ameri; Behnam Tahvildar
Iran has a special electricity market with more than 10% annual increase in electricity demand. Gas turbine power plants are recognized as the preferable technology to meet this rapid growth since they are constructed faster than other conventional plants. However, gas turbines lose a part of their power and efficiency when the ambient temperature rises. According to V94.2 model, presented in this paper, rising ambient temperature from 15ºC to 40ºC at φ=60%, decreases output power by 15%. It means that approximately 0.6% output power is lost per each 1ºC. This degradation alone has caused electricity grid of the country to lose 2000 MW from its total capacity in summer, when electricity demand is at its peak value. To economically tackle this degradation, evaporative inlet air cooling systems are planned to be used in gas turbine power plants of Iran. The objective of this study is to find those V94.2 gas power plants in the country with the proper ambient conditions for fog system application and to estimate the additional power gained by Fog for each of them. In the first part of study, thermodynamic model of V94.2 is developed to show the impact of ambient conditions i.e. temperature and humidity, on performance of this turbine. In the second part, ambient condition of existing V94.2 gas turbine power plants are checked to find their potential for Fog operation. Model of V94.2 is then utilized for estimation of the additional power gained by Fog system at the defined design points. The results of this study have shown that most of the gas turbine power plants, except those located in north and west of the country, have excellent potential for Fog operation with Evaporative Cooling Potential (ECP) of 11.5-24ºC. The results also show that Fog systems in these plants can be used as power boosters to yield additional 12.5 to 26.5 MW at the defined design points; this is a matter that makes this technology also economically attractive.
Fog, ambient condition, gas turbine, V94.2, thermodynamic model, power augmentation
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