Volume 2 Issue 1

Authors: Zhang Shunjie; Chen Yong

Abstract: Design and simulation method for parallel hybrid powertrain used in 4WD vehicle was proposed. Computation models of main components in hybrid powertrain were established and simulated with the help of the modified ADVISOR, in which control strategy was improved to enhance regenerative efficiency. Simulation results were verified by field experiment results of the developed hybrid electric off-road vehicle. Experiment and simulation results show that the developed vehicle is practicable and match of different power sources is vey important to hybrid powertrain.

Keywords: Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle; Powertrain Configuration; Performance Computation and Simulation; Control Strategy


Authors: Alexander V. Strizhachenk

Abstract: A nondestructive method for measuring permittivity tensor of uniaxial crystals with tetragonal and hexagonal symmetry in microwave range was proposed. The developed measuring complex was used for testing several dielectrics, inaccuracy of the dielectric permittivity measurements for isotropic dielectrics was less than ?0.5%, for components of dielectric permittivity tensor error didn’t exceed ?1% and for dielectric loss tangent – ?10 %.

Keywords: Nondestructive Method; Permittivity Tensor; Uniaxial Crystal