Volume 2 Issue 1

Authors: Jatinder Kumar; Vinod Kumar; Anish Kumar

Abstract: WEDM process is most suitable for machining of pure titanium. Titanium is having excellent combination of properties such as high strength-to-weight ratio, low thermal conductivity, and high corrosion resistance. The WEDM is widely accepted for machining and shaping of pure titanium. The titanium was roughly machined with negatively polarized wire electrode having Ø0.25mm. This research work is mainly focused on experimental investigation on metallographic analysis of pure titanium by WEDM. The metallograhic in terms of machining parameters such as pulse on time, pulse off time, peak current, spark gap voltage for pure titanium in WEDM process were explored. The selected machined samples were analyzed using energy dispersive X-ray analysis, scanning electron microscope. It was observed from the results that there occurred significant material transfer from the dielectric as well as tool electrode on the work surface either in free form and/or in compound form. It was observed that pulse on time and peak current significantly deteriorate the metallography of machined samples which produces the deeper, wider overlapping craters, pock marks, globules of debris and micro cracks.

Keywords: WEDM, Titanium, Microstructure, Surface Topography, EDX, Material Transfer