Volume 3 Issue 3

Authors: Laura Yue Liu; Chandrasekhar Putcha

Abstract: This paper is a significant extension of Putcha (2011), where detailed engineering analyses are conducted and reliability levels are calculated for well-known disasters. In this research, three methods, namely deterministic method, utility method, and probabilistic method, are developed to calculate the probability of a disaster associated with the calculation of reliability levels for various well-known disasters. Specifically, the probabilistic method is based on the limit state chosen, functional relationship between various dependent and independent parameters and the uncertainty in the associated parameters. Our analyses are done from the financial point of view based on the concept of utility functions (Ang and Tang, 2007) and previous literature such as Putcha et al. (2008).

Keywords: Probability, Reliability, Utility, Safety Index


Authors: Xia Pan; Jeffrey E. Jarrett

Abstract: Our purpose is to indicate a new method for determining the control limits of univariate control charts to show the effectiveness of golden ratios search. We examine a solution to a problem when signals from mean and variance charts differ. Lack of concordance in the signals from mean and variance (or standard deviation) control charts bring confusion to Quality Control managers which in turn may lead to sub optimal management quality practices. To achieve better quality management practice, we provide a solution to the problem of finding different decision signals for in-control processes for quality control charts for mean and variability. We construct the control charts in experimental conditions for in-control average run length using the methods of simulation. Finally, we employ the golden ratio search method to identify the control limit parameters which differ from standard methods for constructing quality control charts. Last, we minimize the length of time in computation in the construction of these new quality control charts.

Keywords: Golden Ratio Search; Monte Carlo Method; SQC; Range and Standard Deviation Control Charts


Authors: Björn Birgisson; Hans Lind; Adel Abdi

Abstract: -In many countries winter road maintenance is outsourced to private contractors. Selecting appropriate contract for performance of winter highway maintenance and implementing it in an efficient way is then very important for both results and costs. Writing contracts concerning winter road maintenance is however difficult as weather conditions are hard to describe in an exact way and as what is rational to do in a certain situation, depends on expected future conditions. Problems during recent harsh winters in Sweden have clearly illustrated this. The study argues, with reference both to theoretical and empirical studies, that a partnering concept can improve efficiency in outsourced winter road maintenance. A detailed model of how partnering can be implemented is presented for winter road maintenance contracts together with systems for information supply such as International Roughness Index – surface unevenness measurement and Road Weather Information System.

Keywords: Construction Contract; Partnering; Performance Contract; Strategic Alliance; Winter Maintenance Contract


Authors: Changmin Liao

Abstract: With the development of science and technology, people are always hoping to obtain needed information as soon as possible. For this, electronic reading room (ERR) in university library comes into being. But as a newborn thing, some problems in construction and management will unavoidably appear and need to be resolved immediately. So in this present paper, the ERR of China West Normal University (Nanchong City, P. R. China) was taken as an example, the solutions to how to construct and manage an ERR were reported. The content of this article is beneficial for the construction and management of other ERRs.

Keywords: Electronic Reading Room; Library; Construction; Management