Volume 2 Issue 2

Authors: Zhenqiang Ma; James Blanchard; Michael Corradini; Thomas Carstens

Abstract: This paper describes using a thermoelectric generator (TEG) to power wireless sensors to monitor spent nuclear fuel during dry-cask storage. This work focuses on testing the wireless sensor circuitry in a gamma radiation environment. A bismuth telluride TEG (HZ-14), DC/DC converter (Linear Technology LTC 3108EDE), and transceiver (EmbedRF) were irradiated at the Wisconsin Institute for Medical Research (WIMR) using a 60Co gamma source with an exposure rate of 170.3 R/min. The thermoelectric voltage and DC/DC converter output voltage was measured before, during, and after gamma radiation using the computer program LabVIEW. A receiver (EmbedRF) with the computer program EmbedRF Desktop Pro recorded the signal count number and relative source strength indicator before, during, and after gamma radiation. It is a goal to understand if the electronics can function properly under gamma radiation. From this analysis it can be determined if the electronic components need to be properly shielded or if radiation hardened devices have been used.

Keywords: Dry-Cask; Gamma; Thermoelectric; Wireless Sensor


Authors: E. Ciapessoni; D. Cirio; A. Pitto; S. Massucco; F. Silvestro

Abstract: This paper describes the fundamentals of the Voltage Stability Assessment (VSA) approach adopted in OMASES, an integrated platform for Dynamic Security Assessment, and its application to a realistic grid model, namely the Italian national grid. In the first part the authors illustrate the Quasi Steady State (QSS) method and the calculation of the Secure Operation Limits (SOLs) by means of the OMASES module VSAP. In the second part the grid under test is examined and the VSA process is described: several contingency scenarios are built, considering n-1 and n-2 contingencies related to the loss of lines and generators and applying two different stress directions. Finally, results of the analysis are shown and commented. In case of low security margins also the necessary load shedding actions are calculated and illustrated.

Keywords: Power System Security; Voltage Stability; Load Shedding; Contingency Ranking; Operational Margin; On-Line Security Assessment


Authors: Kazuaki Yanagisawa; Takeshi Shimizu; Akira Murofushi

Abstract: Bibliometric study was carried out for champion data comparisons among prestigious international nuclear research institutes (PNRI) existed in Japan, the U. S., France and Germany. The study was relied on database INIS (IAEA), ECD (DOE), WOS (Thomson) and SCOPUS (Elsevier). Over the 35-year time span of research paper publication, the world champion among 11 PNRI is JAERI confirmed by INIS but ORNL confirmed by ECD, WOS and SCOPUS, the latter two collected journal submitted research papers.

Keywords: Bibliometric Study; Champion Comparison; INIS; ECD; WOS; SCOPUS