Volume 4 Issue 4

Authors: Ana Hol; Mahesha Kapurubandara

Abstract: Business life today is very dynamic. To excel and meet constantly changing needs, business are required to implement new technologies. Research indicates that this trend is present in both developing and developed countries. To identify however which parameters guide technology implementation in developed and developing countries and if such parameters differ in-depth investigations have been conducted with Small to Medium Businesses (SMEs) from Australia and Sri Lanka. Findings show that eT (eTransformation) Guide parameters can identify company’s current technology implementation state and also guide future implementations based on the already defined eTransformation Dimension in both Developed and Developing countries. Furthermore, the study also identifies that in order for the smooth transition from Strategy dimension to Structure and then Tasks and Processes in addition to the eT Guide dimensions companies would also need to review the parameters of newly proposed Categories namely: Knowledge, Marketing, Certification and Regulatory Agencies, and Funds and Support.

Keywords: Technology Implementation; eTransformation; Developing Countries; Developed Countries; SMEs; Sri Lanka; Australia