Volume 4 Issue 5

Authors: Suhovey Yu. G.; Koptyug A. V.; Petrov S. A.; Dotsenko E. L.; Fisher T. A.

Abstract: Present paper outlines certain possibilities for a new approach to the generalized modeling of the dynamics of living organism reaction to the changes in its environment. It is shown that there exists common functional “alignment” of the immune and psychic responses in the living organism reaction to the changes in the environment. This is manifested in the experimentally recorded matching of the response scenarios and activities in the immune and psychic domains. Thus, one may conclude that there exist two functionally matched systems (psychic and immune) tracking the external influences and responding to them. On the other hand it is feasible that one is actually dealing with a complex inseparable psycho-immune system and experimentally monitors different aspects of its activity describing these from two different points of view. Given analysis of available experimental data seems to support both of the above alternatives without giving undoubted preferences to any of them. However treating the situation form the formal logic point of view certain preferences can be given to the concept of an inseparable psycho-immune system modeled in two different ways. This approach can also resolve certain collisions happening with the attempts to describe direct interrelations between psychic and immune domains, and can lead the way to higher-level functionality models of the dynamic responses of the living organisms.

Keywords: Psychology; Immunity; Living Organism; Dynamic Responses to Stimuli; Complex System Modeling; Analysis; Experiment