Volume 3 Issue 4

Authors: O.M. Olabanji; B. O. Akinnuli; S. P. Ayodeji

Abstract: Timely processing of farm products is important to prevent post-harvest losses and ensure food quality. Several processing, operation have been mechanized in the production line of yam products such as parboiling, drying, pulverizing, etc. But peeling, which is the removal of the outer layer of the yam, is one of the major problems of yam processing both for small and large scale consumption. This idea is receiving attention from design engineers in Nigeria being the largest producer of yam in the world. A power operated machine is developed which has two components harnessed together for peeling and slicing of yam in a pilot poundo yam flour process plant. It consists of an electric motor, the peeling chamber fitted with peeler, auger shaft to transport the yam, idle roller for clamping and aligning the yam along its course. The slicing unit and the protective hood carry the loading bay and inspection slot. The machine peels the yam at relatively high angular velocity of the rotary peeling brush. The slicer was positioned at the outlet of the feeder with high rotating speed. Machine capacity was influenced by moisture content of tubers and variations in length and diameter. Results show that auger speed resulted in higher peeling efficiencies at various peripheral speeds of the peeling brush. The design capacity of the machine is 114kg of yam per hour while the average efficiency is 91% and functional efficiency 87.86%. Adoption of this yam peeling and slicing machine would promote timely processing of fresh tubers, reduces labor input, increase productivity and hence the income of the local processors.

Keywords: Yam Peeling; Yam Slicing; Yam Process Plant