Volume 3 Issue 4

Authors: Mohamed Jaouad El Qasmi

Abstract: The fact is that the majority of former and current technological achievements, based on the single principle of the electronic coding of information, led to a misunderstanding of the role of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), and has resulted in an irrational use of this technology. Indeed, based on this principle, most decision makers appeal only to automate, inform and communicate, ignoring ICT’s ability to contribute to strategic contributions initiatives. This study uses the analyses of [1] to identify four strategic dimensions to explain the strategic character of ICT: work, strategy, decision-making and strategic scanning. The main objective of this research is to identify the role of ICT as a tool for strategy and assistance to decision making. This research contributes to shed light on ICT as a strategic tool in order to aid and improve the decision-making process. With this objective in mind, a literature review was conducted in order to better our understanding of the role of ICT in the evolution of work, in decision-making, in business strategy and finally in the development of the strategic scanning.

Keywords: ICT; Work; Strategy; Decision Making; Strategic Scanning