Volume 7 Issue 1

Authors: Nouha Taifi

Abstract: After the production and services sectors, the micro-financing sector is one of the most important sectors in the economy. It consists of a variety of actions, rules, and coordination mechanisms that lead to its continuous success and high performance. As one of the key points of this article, this is the leadership of its actors and the processes of interactions among the different types of people involved in it. Leadership is to coordinate an important number of people and lead them to effective and efficient operations and work activities, otherwise there can be mis-organization and management in general. The paper presents the case of a micro-financing center that sustains the development of this sector through the provision of trainings, seminars, awareness programs, conferences, financial funds, and managerial practices. The paper derives its data from a questionnaire and interviews dedicated to its leaders concerning its strategic, technological, organizational aspects, and leadership. The results demonstrate a rich environment characterized by strong leadership, innovative processes of interactions, and communications, and lead to the development of a dictionary of words about this sector’s leadership. Also, it presents theoretical and managerial implications derived from the results of the study stating that each work activity and role has been characterized by different leadership typologies. However, some work activities have the same leadership styles.

Keywords: Leadership; Sustainable Development; Micro-Financing; Organizational Development; Strategic Management