Volume 7 Issue 1

Authors: Sebastião M. S. Cordeiro; Cristiane Gomes Moraes; Sebastião Gomes Silva; Yvens Ely Martins Cordeiro; Charles dos Reis Silva; José F. S. Costa

Abstract: The objective of the study was to analyse three distinct points to perform a physicochemical and bacteriological analysis of a well in the community of Santo Antônio and two streams Marintuba and Caratateua, in order to verify the potability of the water consumed by this riverine community. Analyses of the following parameters were performed: nitrogen, pH, total solids, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, BOD, apparent color, free residual chlorine, iron, sulfate, nitrate, total ammoniacal nitrogen, total alkalinity, odor, conductivity, acidity, coliforms thermotolerant and total coliforms. In addition to these analyses, a qualitative-descriptive questionnaire was carried out, with data collected from semi-structured interviews directed to 26 people in the community in order to ascertain information that will allow verifying that according to the 2914 Order of Potability of the Ministry of Health is used as the basis. The results of the analyses will give possibilities for the implantation of filters of natural use for the families through lectures of conscientization. Natural filters, due to their low cost, can contribute in the sense of helping the community and, at the same time, the preservation of the environment of that place. It concludes by offering suggestions for the community to have full knowledge of the usefulness of the filter, avoiding consumption of contaminated water.

Keywords: Marintuba; Caratateua; Water; Pollution; Filter