Buckling Verification of Laminated Glass Elements in Compression

Claudio Amadio; Chiara Bedon
Because of the characteristic of high slenderness ratios, monolithic and laminated glass elements are frequently subjected to buckling phenomena. As regards laminated glass beams and panels, in particular, the effects of possible temperature or time-load variations represent only some aspects that make complex their global structural response. In this context, the paper focuses on the load-carrying behavior of in-plane compressed laminated glass elements. In it, some analytical formulations are presented to describe realistically their typical behavior. As shown, the proposed formulations are in good agreement with experimental and numerical data available in literature. At the same time, they allow to perform a rational buckling verification of such brittle load-bearing elements. Finally, according to the suggestions the Eurocodes give for the verification of traditional structural elements, a series of buckling curves opportunely calibrated are proposed to guarantee the requisites of resistance, serviceability, and durability typically imposed in the design of conventional structural systems.
Laminated Glass; In-plane Compressed Beams and Panels; Sandwich Elements; Equivalent Thickness; Buckling Curves
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