Myth and Reality Application of Magnetite Nanoparticles as Selective Contrasting Means of the Malignant Tumors in MRI Investigation

Andrey Belousov
In an experiment it is shown on rats, that biocompatible standardized nanoparticles of ICNB can be effectively used at MRI. It is well-proven that nanoparticles of ICNB for certain (р<0.001) strengthen a contrasting effect at MRI. Methodology of safe intravenous application of ICNB is excluding the use of magnetite of nanoparticles in the variant of independent contrasting means at MRI. It is set that in 24 hours after intravenous inject of ICNB the magnetite of nanoparticles for certain (p<0.001) selectively accumulate in tissue of malignant tumour and rise brightness of image. On 4th days investigation the dynamics of reduction of brightness of image in tumour and muscles was establishment for certain (р<0.001). This fact is caused by process eliminating of nanoparticles from organism of rat. On the mechanism of action the nanoparticles of ICNB cause the convertible changes which is reason for the temporal increase of mobility of protons of hydrogen in near cell liquid. It inevitably modifies the metabolic process in malignant cells that in perspective has hope in elaborating new ways of the target therapy of malignant neoplasm.
Nanoparticles; Magnetic; ICNB; MRI; Malignant Tumour; Contrast; Selectively
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