Advances in GPR Imaging with Multi-channel Radar Systems

Alexandre Novo; Juerg Leckebusch; Dean Goodman; Gianfranco Morelli; Salvatore Piro; Gianluca Catanzariti
Advances in ground penetrating radar imaging with multi-channel systems have greatly improved the speed and areal coverage of the ground. Along with improved imaging software, datasets recorded with multi-channel systems can be processed at similar speeds to coarsely spaced single channel data that would normally require additional time for interpolation processes to fill in the gaps between lines. With the cross-line spacing approaching a quarter of the wavelength of the transmitted microwaves into the ground, multi-channel systems have the advantage of complete coverage of a site with no need for interpolation in most cases except to fill in the gaps between adjacent tracks if so desired. Multi-channel systems do require additional RSP (radargram signal processes) in order to balance the channels and to condition the data prior to imaging. Spectral whitening and several other RSP methods are shown with their application to imaging of sites from bridge decks for deterioration to the discovery of subsurface archaeological remains. Data processed from several different multi-channel GPR systems are shown.
Ground-penetrating Radar; Three-dimensional Visualization; Array System
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