Flexible Piezoelectric Sheet for Wind Energy Harvesting

Yasuhiro Sone; Hidenobu Takao; Hidemi Mutsuda; Junpei Miyagi; Yasuaki Doi; Yoshikazu Tanaka
Energy harvesting techniques using piezoelectric materials have been rapidly developed in the world. In our previous work, one kind of kinetic energy harvester using a piezoelectric material was proposed and developed; the harvester was called Flexible Piezoelectric Device (FPED). The FPED was applied to wave and current energy, wind energy and vibration energy. In this study, improving the FPED, a new type of wind energy harvester was proposed and developed to generate electric power from broad band of wind conditions, especially low wind and breeze. The energy harvester consists of a piezoelectric material and a thin soft material, which is Flexible Piezoelectric Sheet (FPS) for wind energy harvesting. The theoretical approach was provided using a classical modal analysis technique. The electric performance of the FPS in several wind conditions was revealed and some important design parameters of the FPS were shown based on experimental results.
Wind Energy; Energy Harvesting; Piezoelectric Material; Fluid-Structural Interaction
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