Snapshot of PM Loads Evaluated at Major Road and Railway Intersections in an Urban Locality

Ashwin Kumar; Deepchandra Srivastava; Manish Agrawal; Anubha Goel
Results from this air pollution monitoring study reveal high particulate matter mass concentrations (PM10, PM2.5, and PM1) emitted from different sources at major road and railroad intersections in Kanpur city during summer and winter seasons of the year 2011. Construction activity was found to contribute significantly to coarse PM load in ambient air. Total Suspended Particulate Matter (TSPM) and PM10 levels were generally higher at vehicular intersections and construction sites. Among the three railroad sites examined within the city, Kalyanpur, which allows passage of Heavy Duty Vehicles as well, had the highest PM10 (1110 μg m−3), PM2.5 (124 μg m−3), and PM1 (46 μg m−3) levels. Our observations suggest that railroad intersections are possibly important sources contributing significantly to total PM load in ambient air. Results are expected to aid in highlighting ‘hot spots’ and help focus pollution prevention and mitigation efforts.
PM10; PM2.5; PM1; Air Pollution; Vehicular Emission; Construction Activity; Railroad Intersection
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