Removal of Nitrate from Groundwater by Using Natural Zeolite of Nizarneshwar Hills of Western India

R. W.Gaikwad; A. R.Warade
Nitrate contamination of the world's groundwater supply poses a serious human health threat. High nitrate levels found in drinking water have been proven to be the cause for numerous health conditions across the world. Nitrate is highly soluble in water and it is retained by the soil at a minimum rate, which makes it a major component of groundwater in formation of nitrate pollution. In this study, natural Zeolite-stilbite was used as a low-cost adsorbent to evaluate its ability to remove nitrate from groundwater by ion exchange. Experimental investigation of nitrate removal from groundwater using natural Zeolite was carried out in the laboratory. In this investigation a natural Zeolite-stilbite was used for the removal of nitrate. It was found that 92% removal of nitrates occurs at initial concentration of 80 mg NO3/l solution. The effects of various parameters such as pH, flow rate, initial concentration have been studied. The optimum pH was found to be 4. The maximum removal took place at a flow of 1ml/min in a laboratory Ion Exchanger. All the findings were observed at 60 cm bed depth. When compared with the activated carbon, it was found that the natural Zeolite-stilbite was more efficient in removal of nitrate. Resins were regenerated by circulating the regenerating agent i.e. NaCl.
Nitrate Pollution; Natural Zeolite; Ion Exchange; Ph; Regeneration
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