Rainfall, Runoff and Erosion Analyses in a Sandy Desert Watershed under Mid-Latitude Cyclones Using the Kineros2 Model

Avraham Dody; Rose Shillito; Amir Givati; Ayal Siegel; Udi Galili; Omer Eisenberg
Yamin Plain as the host of the national radioactive waste disposal in near surface repositories is very sensitive to erosion during flood events. To estimate the runoff and erosion Kineros2 model was used. For the period of 2012-2015, twelve related rainfall and runoff events were recorded from a centrally-located recording rain gage and separate runoff station at the outlet of the Nahal Yamin watershed, located in the northeast of the Negev Desert, Israel. Four of the storms, associated with mid-latitude cyclones were analysed due to the assumed relatively homogeneous distribution of rain. Three runoff parameters-peak discharge, time to peak and runoff volume were used to compare the computed with the measured hydrograph. In two events the fit was 2.16 and 3.67 for Root Mean Square Errors of 0.48 and -0.54 for Nash-Sutcliffe coefficients. The erosion rate calculated by the model of a few millimetres per event were in the same of order of magnitude as found by different techniques. In this limited application, the Kineros2 model provided valuable insight into the hydrological functioning of a critical arid watershed.
Kineros; Hydrograph; Hydraulic Conductivity; Arid Zone; Erosion Rate
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