Approach to Analyzing Root Causes in the Management of Warranty Support

Vicente González-Prida; Fred Kristjanpoller; Pablo Viveros; Adolfo Crespo; Luis Barberá
This article focuses on one of the steps proposed by the authors as a framework for improving the management of post-sale service. Specifically, the referred step tries to apply root cause analysis of failures to improve the organization of warranty support. This analysis can help make better decisions within the scope of after-sales service, for example, whether a particular incident should be treated under warranty or not. This article begins with an introduction to the current concept of warranty, briefly describing the proposed framework and the relevant literature related to such customer service. Thus, the reader can place the step to be developed in a context of useful tools and methodologies for the management of post-sale service. Therefore, the main aspects of Root Cause Analysis are defined with the intention to apply these concepts in the management of those incidents reported by the user. With this objective, this article aims to adapt a developed and applied tool of the maintenance management (Root Cause Analysis) to a new field, in this case, the customer service. At the end of this article the main contributions for this work are summarized.
Root Cause Analysis; Technical Support; Warranty Management; Post-Sale Service
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