Conventional Energy Conservation to Protect the Environment by the Application of Renewable Energy Sources in Agriculture and Industries

M. Ali Saloda; Narendra S. Rathore
There are numbers of unit operations in agricultural industries and production industries consuming a measurable amount of conventional energy sources. Regarding implementation of energy conservation in the agricultural and production industry, it is observed that though some measures based on conventional fuel conservation strategy are implemented in large-scale factories, other based on renewable energy sources can be implemented in small and medium scale production factories. There are numbers of renewable energy sources which can easily be integrated in the production or manufacturing industries for conventional energy conservation such as solar energy for cooling, heating, steaming, drying and electricity generation etc., bio-energy for process heat for different unit operation and biomass improved cook stoves & furnace for thermal energy etc. Further, methods for reducing the methane and nitrous oxide emissions from manufacturing operations and developing wastewater treatment technologies that capture methane from wastes and use the methane as an energy source are also additional field for energy conservation in agricultural industries. The scarcity and reduction of the stored conventional energy sources motivated the author to work on the conservation of energy in agriculture industries. This paper deals with the conventional energy conservation measures by the application of Renewable Energy in agricultural and production industries involved in producing value added products. The essential points required for meeting energy conservation based on Renewable Energy Sources are also included in this paper.
Renewable energy; Production; Agricultural; Energy conservation
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