Seasonal Variation of Pollution Index and Air Ions at Rural Station Ramanandnagar (17° 4’ N 74° 25’ E) India

S.D. Pawar
Air ions are continuously generated and destroyed by various processes in the atmosphere. Near the surface, nature of ions is very complex and they show large variations. Several factors such as the vertical stability of the lower atmosphere, turbulent wind speed, pollution, radioactivity of plant transpiration and ground influence affect their distribution in the atmosphere. Therefore to see the effect of pollution at rural atmosphere, seasonal variation of air ions was carried out. Air ions in the atmospheric air have been investigated using Gerdien type air ion counter. This air ion counter is indigenously designed and developed at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology Pune and operated at rural site Ramanandnagar. The pre monsoon period is heavily polluted and dusty period, which results in more negative ions attached to these aerosol particles. Therefore average negative ions decrease from winter to Pre-monsoon season. Pollution index is equal to one or smaller than one in monsoon and post-monsoon seasons. Therefore monsoon and post-monsoon seasons are beneficial to human health. In pre-monsoon pollution index is very high, which is harmful to human health.
Cluster Ions; Plant Transpiration; Aerosol; Pollution Index; Radioactivity
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