The Ecological Quality of Rail Bed Material

Nikoleta Szabóová; Emília Smin?áková
The following concentrations Cu, Ni, Zn, As, Cr, Cd, Pb and Hg are presented in this paper which were measured in six selected samples of rail bed materials from the region of the city Košice, Slovak Republic. The experimental part of the paper highlights the effect of the size of rail bed particles on the concentration of different pollutants in both aqueous solutions and dry matters. Due to these results, it can be clearly stated that decreasing the particles brings about the concentration increase of all observed elements in both aqueous solutions and dry matters. The particle sizes were in the range of 0 mm to 8 mm, from 0 to 32 mm and from 0 to 63 mm. Concerning the six analyzed samples, only one of them, taken from the rail switch, (particle size from 0 to 63 mm) is ecologically insufficient as in this given sample the concentration of Cr exceeded the limit by 5.312 mg/kg of dry matter. The measured value of Cr concentration was 255.312 mg/kg of dry matter and the threshold limit value according to the Methodical Instruction No.18/99 of the Ministry of Transport, Post and Telecommunication of Slovak Republic is 250 mg/kg of dry matter.
Rail Bed; Pollutants; Ecological Assessment
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