Assessment of Groundwater Quality in Meerut City, India

Rahi suddin; Sandip Prasad; Syed Mohammad Rashid; Haroon Sajjad
The present study assesses the groundwater of selected industrial areas of Meerut, northern India. Thirty hand pump and municipal water samples in 2011 and thirty tube well water samples in 2012 from the different locations of the study area were collected and analyzed according to standard methods. To assess the water quality, water quality index was calculated. The study reveals that most of the sampled areas of the Meerut city are highly contaminated due to excessive concentration of one or more of the water quality parameters such as nitrate, total hardness, calcium, magnesium, total dissolved solids and fluoride and indicated that nearly 53.3 % of the water samples in 2011 and 50% of the water samples in 2012 were non-potable. However, the water quality of tube well water samples is better than the hand pump water samples as 60% tube well water samples had WQI lower than hand pump water samples.
Physico-Chemical Characteristics; Industrialization; Water Quality; Water Quality Index; Meerut
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