Hydrogen on Demand In Situ Made Hydrogen for Use on Demand

Florian Cioroianu; Marin Radu; John Morris
This paper proposes for study a new trend in hydrogen research, conventionally named In Situ Made Hydrogen for Use on Demand. Reasons for hydrogen on demand research were presented in the previous paper [8]. The study refers strictly to a new technology, based on specific characteristics of a membrane and a catalyst, to produce higher quantity of gas, hydrogen and oxygen, with less input of energy, by increasing electrode-surface contact by more than 2 000 m2 per gram of catalyst under normal temperature and pressure conditions. Water contact surface can be increased in the same space by adding more catalyst and increasing current flow do not increase the resistance on the electrodes[1. p. 17], in this case particles of carbon (C) playing role of an electrode. Thus, by experiment, new characteristics of Carbon (C) were identified.
In Situ Hydrogen Production; Use on Demand; Electro-catalytic Membrane; Water Decomposition; Particle of Carbon; New Characteristics; Ecologic gas.
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