Evaluation of Cloud Hybrid Load Balancer (CHLB)

Jiann-Min Yang; Po-Huei Liang
With the lower cost of service maintenanceand the easieravailability of cloud computing services, users have increasinglymoved their Web resourcesto the cloud environment. Consequently, users can access their resources with the browsers of their thin devices, and cloud service providers do not need to buy numerous machines for the uncertain requirements of backup or expansion. The cloud servicescan also be dynamically providedfor customers, so the users pay as they use computing resources for their requirements. This technology drives manyinnovativetypes of services. The availability and performance of the client systems will be the next main concerns in cloud computing. This paper presents a framework for load balancing of the Web sites in a cloud with round robin Domain Name System(RRDNS). The proposed framework,called thecloud hybrid load balancer (CHLB), is intended for adapting an open-source load-balancing system with RRDNS technology for a specific Web cluster. This CHLB framework allows the network service provider to deploy a software-based load balancer dynamically while the customers need the load balancer for their hosted Web clusters.
Cloud Computing; Load Balance; Round Robin DNS
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