Environmental Protection through Recycling Businesses: The Case of ‘Eahawe’ Project and Start-up

Nouha Taifi
Environmental protection is one of the key success factors to sustainable development of all kinds. For this, there are continuously research and development and the creation of innovative solutions leading to these objectives. The paper presents an interesting project and its start-up that aims at the use of human-hair to make products as clothes, accessories or to integrate it to furnishments. This human-hair will be provided or bought from suppliers as hair-cut shops or beauty centers in which there are waxing services. This new innovative business named ‘Eahawe –Easy Hair Wearing’ is expected to bring to the market new products and to have a lot of success by contributing to environmental and also animal protection since it can increase awareness about the dangers of the use of animal furry by being a substitute to animal furry. The paper also presents a design of a possible product, the product development process from suppliers to after-sales services, and the business and marketing strategy showing the financial forecasts and motivations for high economic performance.
Environmental Protection; Research and Development; Human-Hair Based Products; Recycling Process and Business
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